Why Intelligent Design is the most plausible scientific theory?

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This post is to show some current discussions in the modern scientific community.

”The God-hypothesis provides the best explanation of this ensemble of evidence… But (the ’New Atheists’) are talking about a science of the late 19th century and we have had a dramatic shift that they haven’t kept up with.” Stephen Meyer

More scientists start to understand the following:
A little bit of science distances from God; a lot of science brings one back to Him.[fn4] — ( Un peu de science éloigne de Dieu, beaucoup de science y ramène. ) Louis Pasteur, renowned 19th century French microbiologist

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Why Intelligent Design is the most plausible scientific theory?

Read notes from 3 videos: Notes on Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design – what does it mean for us?

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The three video presentations by Stephen Meyer have been partly annotated (≈7%), often verbatim, supplied with the time stamps (mostly end-time). Those notes are for a better understanding of the scientific ideas and theories.


Video 1 – The Return of the God Hypothesis

Stephen Meyer: The Return of the God Hypothesis – YouTube

From Stephen Meyer’s webpage:

”Beginning in the late 19th century, many intellectuals began to insist that scientific knowledge conflicts with the traditional theistic belief — that science and belief in God are at odds.”[fn3]

”Philosopher of science Stephen Meyer challenges this view by examining three scientific discoveries with decidedly theistic implications. Building on the case for the intelligent design of life (he) demonstrates how discoveries in cosmology and physics coupled with those in biology help to establish the identity of the designing [transcendent] intelligence behind life and the universe.”

”Meyer argues that theism — with its affirmation of a transcendent, intelligent and active creator — best explains the evidence we have concerning biological and cosmological origins.”
Stephen C. Meyer | Philosopher of Science


Video 2 – Does Science Point To God?

Does Science Point To God? – Stephen Meyer at Dallas Science Faith Conference 2020 – YouTube

The most plausible scientific theory for the origin of the universe, of life and of ongoing existence.

This new cosmology is moving decidedly in an anti-materialistic direction.
Three video presentations by Stephen Meyer have been partly annotated on the page below, supplied with time stamps.
Notes on Intelligent Design

”Meyer argued that modern scientific method equally relied on "foundational assumptions" based on faith in naturalism (or materialism),[fn1] which "assumed all events to be exclusively the result of physical or natural causes".

”He proposed that "scientists and philosophers" could turn to Biblical presupposition to explain "the ultimate source of human reason, the existence of a real and uniformly ordered universe, and the ability present in a creative and ordered human intellect to know that universe."

Modern science is based on ”epistemological[2] presuppositions” and the problematic view to explain evolution simply on the ”assumption of naturalism” (or materialism)[fn1].
Stephen C. Meyer – Wikipedia


Video 3 – The Big Bang, Einstein, Hawking, & More

Stephen Meyer Discusses the Big Bang, Einstein, Hawking, & More – Science Uprising Expert Interviews – different chapters for the history of recent scientific development

A Quote from this video

In ordinary physics, boundaries are decided or determined by the physical system that is being described, but since there is no physical system that is being described, by the Wheeler–DeWitt equation yet, because it is being used to explain the origin of all physics, the origin of the universe, the physicists have to choose the boundary constraints [in their equations], and they choose those with an outcome in mind, they choose those in such a way to give a solution to that equation, that (such as the universal wave function) would include the universe like ours!

– More quotes: Notes on Intelligent Design


Naturalism and materialism are very much related:
Naturalism is the philosophical belief that everything arises from natural properties and causes, and supernatural or spiritual explanations are excluded or discounted.
Materialism is the theory or belief that nothing exists except matter and its movements and modifications and is the theory or belief that consciousness and will are wholly due to material agency.

Epistemology relates to the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope, and the distinction between justified belief and opinion. (So it answers the question: If I say I know XY, on what kind of knowledge do I base my judgement or assumption?

That scientific knowledge came into conflict with the traditional theistic belief is a trademark of modernity and postmodernity.

Many Quran verses remind man about the origin of the cosmos, such as this one:
{Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day are signs for those of understanding.} 3-190


Dr. Günter Bechly – Fossils vs. Darwin
I came to realize fundamental philosophical problems concerning time, causality, laws of nature, and the effectiveness of mathematics. I also realized the hard problem of consciousness, the problem of reason….
Gunter Bechly Explains What The Fossil Evidence Really Says – YouTube

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