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Stop Asking Us About Hamas! When a Genocide Is Happening!!

@nofunnybizzness Replying to @Martin STOP ASKING US ABOUT HAMAS! AS I’M UPLOADING THIS A GENOCIDE IS HAPPENING!! #israel #palestine #warcrimes #genocide #hamas #biden #apartheid ♬ original sound – Serene Sovereign Last updated on 2024-03-03 by w3admin

Each day … in Gaza – Isra-l at the ICJ

What is the ICJ – the International Court of Justice?[6] [Case for South Africa against Isra-l presented by Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh, the Irish barrister who speciales in human rights and international law.][7] Gaza – a Crisis of Humanity, a Living Hell, a Bloodbath Madam President, members of the Court,[4] there is an urgent need for …

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Palestinians are still paying the price for Western racism

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