Stop Asking Us About Hamas! When a Genocide Is Happening!!

Apartheid Israel must be dismantled, and its end is near,

the mask is off, they have no more excuses (which Isr. never had from the start, 1938 or 1948.)

For the last 100 days since Oct 7, about 250 Palestinians have been killed per day, so many more wounded, so many left to die under the rubble of their homes, in which world is this ok?

The hypocrisy of the West is unbearable, no leaders from the so-called democratic world of "human rights, and equality" is standing up (they have no spine, and/ or are racists themselves, and/ or are benefiting $s from neo-colonialism) against those Israel terrorists slaughtering over 20,000 people in three months, wounding more than 60,000 people, mostly women and children, killing unarmed Palestinians in cold blood in point-blank range, destroying infrastructure, ripping up graves, killing over 100 journalists in three months (using AI), words don’t do justice to what’s happening there, but it has to be told.

What follows is some background by Serene Sovereign (@nofunnybizzness) to the events we are witnessing.

NB Atrocities were committed against Isra-l civilians on October 7.
However, it has been proven that 98% of Isra-l propaganda is a heap of disgraceful lies - serving their genocidal project. If you still believe their words, you should check out other descriptions and do your research.
(For example, A: What really happened on October 7 A and B and C, or mondoweiss, grayzone, electronic intifada.)


@nofunnybizzness Replying to @Martin STOP ASKING US ABOUT HAMAS! AS I’M UPLOADING THIS A GENOCIDE IS HAPPENING!! #israel #palestine #warcrimes #genocide #hamas #biden #apartheid ♬ original sound – Serene Sovereign

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