A genocide is under way in Palestine

And the imperial West is an active participant.

The titles are from A =g e n o c i d e= is under way in Palestine Israel-Palestine conflict Al Jazeera


If you – and especially the international leaders, heads of governments – know that a party is going to commit a war crime, and this forcible transfer of people is a precise breach of one of the statutes that governs international law and all states in this area, then you are making yourself complicit. And as international law has developed in this area, your fact of being complicit makes you equally guilty to the party carrying out the crime.
Intention to prosecute UK government officials for their approach to the Israel-Hamas conflict


Reports of Palestinians being executed at point-blank range inside Shadia Abu Ghazala School in northern Gaza have emerged. Al Jazeera obtained testimonies from residents who described finding gruesome sights of slain women and children who had been seeking shelter inside the school.
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It is now clear that Israel is engaging in a genocide of the Palestinian people. As reported by Al Jazeera, the Israeli state has “loosened” its military rules of engagement, essentially giving its soldiers the green light to kill anyone they encounter inside the Gaza Strip as part of their ground operations. Israeli politicians and soldiers are talking openly about turning Gaza into dust, eliminating Palestinians, and imagining Israeli settlers living on land that used to be called Gaza. Palestinians are being deliberately deprived of all the basic necessities for life, including food, water, shelter and medical care. Bombs from the air are indiscriminately killing and maiming Palestinians. Palestinians are being encouraged to leave their lands and homes in northern Gaza and head towards the south – Israel clearly wants to colonise northern Gaza and turn it into a security or military zone, permanently expelling the Palestinians who currently live there.

Scholars of genocide have always argued that such mass atrocities are rarely the product of an “evil leader” or “a small extremist political class”. The terrifying reality of genocide is that it happens with mass support, which either comes in the form of active participation (direct and indirect), or complicity through silence, (cont…).

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A =g e n o c i d e= is under way in Palestine Israel-Palestine conflict Al Jazeera

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