When powerful leaders side with Zionist supremacists

= The blessings and peace of Allah on Prophet Muhammad, his Family, and his Companions. =
– There is no might, power, or movement except with ALLAH –


Not good at all.

1. US, Germany, Britain, Saud, UAE… their support is criminal complicity!

Not good when German leader Steinmeier welcomes Bennet, the Zionist settler state’s supremacist Prime Minister, elected only by ’the correct sort of citizens’ (ie Zionist Jews), someone who immigrated to Israel from San Francisco 1967, and who boasted ”‘I’ve Killed Lots Of Arabs In My Life And There’s No Problem With That’.”

germany-israel-2021 German leader Steinmeier welcomes Bennet

Day-in-day out Palestinian farmers, villagers, their children and women are harassed and humiliated by those who think they are chosen! (When God promised the Israelites 2000 years ago a land, he didn’t tell them to steal, lie and kill, but to uphold the covenant made with prophets Ibrahim, Musa, Dawood (peace upon all of them).

This is the result of allegiance with criminals…

Bennet’s ultra-Zionist government is responsible for all people under their jurisdiction, acc. to the Geneva Convention, which the Zionist settler regime think they can ignore, however, they have the responsibility to protect the people and not to attack them, not to destroy their olive trees, not to cut off their water-supplies, not to demolish their houses to leave them stranded (and much more)!

settlers-brutally-attacked-palestinian-farmers Harrowing photos from today’s olive harvest in the West Bank town of Surif (2021-11-12). Settlers arrived and brutally attacked Palestinian farmers and Israeli activists with stones and batons. Israeli soldiers stood nearby but — SURPRISE! — did nothing to stop the attack. Edo Konrad, @edokonrad

We will not accept the Israel story, it’s a lie – from the start. Pride-goeth-before-destruction

Another day, another horrific example of settler terrorism.

According to Israel propaganda we should not be worried about the violence and bloodshed incl. killings by the real settler terrorists, who are protected by the Israel state itself.

They want us to believe their unsubstantiated accusation of terorism! against 6 Palestinian NGOs, that document violations of Palestinians rights, and seek to convince the world to hold Israel accountable.


Almost every day shameful, and criminal acts of violence by the supremacist Israel state:

13-year-old Mohammed Daadas was shot and killed by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank. The Palestinian boy was hit during weekly protests against the expansion of illegal settlements. 7 November 2021


2. To make something clear

All this is not about the need of Israel people or Jews to have a home country ’for themselves’ (most of them live in other countries anyway), this is about throwing other people out of their homes so that more ‘Jewish’ persons from New York, or Moscow…, can take over (English: steal) Palestinian homes to increase the ‘Jewish’ population ratio and pretend to have a ‘democracy’ for ’the right sort of citizens’.
All this is illegal and immoral!

NB: True Jews don’t steal, they don’t invade other people’s homes and don’t establish a state in contravention of God’s law. Therefore Israel, as it is now (2021) will not prosper: it’s a house built on sand.
Youtube: Honest Israeli Jew -Miko Peled- tells the Real Truth about Israel

3. Advice

Whatever you believe and think, don’t let your heart become cold and hard toward the suffering of the downtrodden!
On The Science Of The Heart

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