Warning: Impending Genocide in India

= The blessings and peace of Allah on Prophet Muhammad, his Family, and his Companions. =

4. The Erasure: California Panel Claims Indian Muslims Face Impending Genocide

MARCH 16, 2022
Dr. Khaled Beydoun of Wayne State University noted, “Gendered Islamophobia is distinct in the sense that the State engages in the policing of women’s bodies. That becomes the principle way in which the State engages in gendered Islamophobia — by saying how a woman can dress and cannot dress.
India is parading around the world claiming to be the largest democracy in the world, and we know that the cornerstone of any democracy is what?”

”When Taliban prevented women and girls from going to schools, and colleges, and universities, there was an uproar from the Western world,” said Dr. Salim. “Where are the feminists now? Where is the Western media? Why this silence when this is going on in India with Muslim women?”

Facebook has admitted its role in the genocide against the Rohingya in Myanmar, they’ve admitted their role in anti-Muslim violence in Sri Lanka. In the Indian context, they’ve hired people who are from the Hindu Right, and when the government has pushed back, they’ve sort of fallen in line. It’s the same with Twitter…. In the Indian context, because of the pressure of the government, again, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp are completely compromised. Facebook and Twitter both have blood on their hands.”

“The RSS is the world’s oldest, largest, and fastest-growing fascist movement…”
The Erasure: California Panel Claims Indian Muslims Face Impending Genocide

3. India’s ruling party says crime is down. Muslims say they’ve never felt less safe

March 5, 2022
Human rights groups accuse Uttar Pradesh police of staging these encounters. Last month, a group of international criminal and human rights lawyers asked the U.S. Treasury Department to impose sanctions on Adityanath and two top Indian police officials for alleged human rights abuses related to police killings.

In 2019, four United Nations human rights experts wrote to the Indian government, expressing concern about extrajudicial police killings in Uttar Pradesh and noting a “pattern” of “individuals allegedly being abducted or arrested before their killing, and their bodies bearing injuries indicative of torture.”
India’s ruling party says crime is down. Muslims say they’ve never felt less safe

2. Godhra, Where the Fall of India’s Democracy Began

March 3, 2022
The first to die would have been the weakest among them, the women and the children. The forensic examination of the dead, carried out three days later, confirmed this for it showed that whereas 20 of the dead were men, 26 were women, and 12 were children. In all, 38 of the 58 dead were of the wrong sex and age to have been kar sevaks.…

The number of kar sevaks killed may have been even smaller for, as the Concerned Citizens’ Tribunal headed by Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer pointed out, all but a fraction of these were physically fit young men who, having muscled their way on to the train, were more likely to be at the ends of the carriage than the middle, and would have been able to muscle their way out of the burning carriage with relative ease. …

Looking back at the events of February 27, 2002, it is difficult not to conclude that it was the day when India’s voyage to modern nationhood began to fail. For Godhra brought Narendra Modi to power in Gujarat, and started him on the road to becoming the prime minister of India. Modi consolidated his party’s power in Gujarat by sowing fear and suspicion between communities. He is now doing the same in India. And there is no one to stop him.
Godhra, Where the Fall of India’s Democracy Began

1. Reviled, harassed, abused: Narendra Modi’s most trenchant critic speaks out

Sun 27 Feb 2022
”A genocide could very well happen in India.”
Reviled, harassed, abused: Narendra Modi’s most trenchant critic speaks out | India | The Guardian

The Indian elites use the RSS/ BJP for their greed.

= The blessings and peace of Allah on Prophet Muhammad, his Family, and his Companions. =

The Indian elites use the RSS/ BJP for their own purposes, to further their evil, greedy agenda.


The Indian elites use the RSS/ BJP to further their evil, greedy politics → so they split the ethnic/ religious groups against each other until people are blinded by hatred of the other. Then they step in and rid the country of everything good in it, destroy the trust and the communities and the coming together and establish themselves as semi-gods or tyrants. Everyone will lose, Hindus or Muslims, Sikhs… everyone, nothing will be the same, this is another stage in akhiri zamān (The Latter Times) before the Mahdi pbuh will come and set things right….

So all this talk about having a ‘Hindu only country’, where Hindus are ”free” etc is a only a smokescreen to distract from their true intent and it does work with every simple-minded simpleton. This policy is from the rule book of dictators and tyrants, it’s really nothing new, especially in our times of the Iron Age.

If concious/ non-sleeping Hindus don’t step up to the plate, India will be lost in a dark pit, which is darker than anything seen in the past.
But Allah will help His faithful servants!

See how they want to frame a critic of their growing fascism in India
Toolkit Player Pieter Friedrich Exclusive; Admits Terrorist Bhajan Singh Bhinder Is His Friend – YouTube

Ending the Debate on Ayesha’s Age

= The blessings and peace of Allah on Prophet Muhammad, his Family, and his Companions. =


Much air and beans are being spilled regarding our Mother Ayesha’s age of marriage to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. The intention of the haters of Islam is of course to bring down the reputation of the best person to ever have trod the earth: the Messenger and Beloved of Allah, Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace). These attacks are fultile and boring, because not based on truth.

For those who are interested to hear the truth of the matter, which is from traditional Islam, we presnet here a few inspiring and informative videos of increasing length and some authorative texts for greater detail.

2a. A word of caution

When examining other cultures, especially those of many centuries ago, we should try and remove our social, automatic references. We should not superimpose our own mindset on other cultures. While we are all human beings and human nature does not change, the norms and customs of cultures do change, otherwise this approach (of looking at other cultures) will be unfruitful and eventually injust.

2b. Marriage, betrothal and consummation

So we have (1.) betrothal, the formal engagement to be married.
And we have (2.) consummation, making the marriage complete by having sexual intercourse. This should not be too difficult to understand, one would hope!

So in the case of Ayesha, she became (1.) engaged to be married at about 6 years, and she continued to be a child, playing in the street etc. Then when she got her period she was ready (2.) to marry and was taken into the house of the Prophet (the blessings and peace of Allah upon him). This was part of the culture and no-one complained. Also all over the world. Today it is different.

3. Videos

YT: Married At Nine – Aisha RA – Prophet Muhammad (5min)
(good simple graphics for main points.)

YT: Who Is Aisha? | Lesley Hazleton (6min)
(Good! Except for her last sentence)

YT: Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Marriage To Aisha Explained – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf (10min)

YT: Ending the Debate on Aisha (ra)’s Age – Sh. Omar Suleiman | Lecture (59min)
(25:25 – How normal was the engagement of Aisha to the Prophet ﷺ?)
(53:26 – Other opinions about her age)

YT: Our Mother, Our Teacher (Aisha bint Abu-Bakr) – Women of Paradise – Sh. Omar Suleiman (14min)

4. Texts on Living Islam – Islamic Tradition

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