The Indian elites use the RSS/ BJP for their greed.

= The blessings and peace of Allah on Prophet Muhammad, his Family, and his Companions. =

The Indian elites use the RSS/ BJP for their own purposes, to further their evil, greedy agenda.


The Indian elites use the RSS/ BJP to further their evil, greedy politics → so they split the ethnic/ religious groups against each other until people are blinded by hatred of the other. Then they step in and rid the country of everything good in it, destroy the trust and the communities and the coming together and establish themselves as semi-gods or tyrants. Everyone will lose, Hindus or Muslims, Sikhs… everyone, nothing will be the same, this is another stage in akhiri zamān (The Latter Times) before the Mahdi pbuh will come and set things right….

So all this talk about having a ‘Hindu only country’, where Hindus are ”free” etc is a only a smokescreen to distract from their true intent and it does work with every simple-minded simpleton. This policy is from the rule book of dictators and tyrants, it’s really nothing new, especially in our times of the Iron Age.

If concious/ non-sleeping Hindus don’t step up to the plate, India will be lost in a dark pit, which is darker than anything seen in the past.
But Allah will help His faithful servants!

See how they want to frame a critic of their growing fascism in India
Toolkit Player Pieter Friedrich Exclusive; Admits Terrorist Bhajan Singh Bhinder Is His Friend – YouTube

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