Israel is a terrorist organization.

The dictionary definition of terrorism is:

The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.



The Israeli army employs a new tactic, using recorded sounds of crying infants and women screaming to lure civilians and kill them. This is what Euro-Med Monitor documented in Nuseirat refugee camp in the central #Gaza Strip.

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— Euro-Med Monitor (@EuroMedHR) April 18, 2024

Comment by Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor: The unethical and inhumane methods employed by the Israeli army against civilians in the Gaza Strip inflict severe psychological and physical harm on them. Such actions constitute serious violations according to the Geneva Conventions, as well as war crimes and crimes against humanity under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.


Isra-l is a terrorist organization. Isra-l does not have moral legitimacy as an apartheid regime, and the only way that it can gain legitimacy is that if apartheid is cast aside, if ethno-supremacism is cast aside, if racial and religious discrimination, in the sense that Muslims and Christians are lesser human beings and they don’t have any right to the land that they’ve been on for hundreds of years, that should be set aside. People who have been expelled have the right of return. It’s not very complicated.
Prof. M Marandi [fn1]


Having ‘freelancing’ murderers shooting at will – a supremacist killer supported by a terrorist entity.

West Bank, 2021; how can this be according to any law?
How can Western countries support lawlessness?

Why Isra-l and not Israel?

The meaning of Israel (Jacob) is 'the one who has struggled with God'.

So when the Zionists, who are mostly atheists and disbelievers or fanatic messianic bigots, took the name 'Israel' from the Torah - Bible (story of Jacob, 1 Mose 32:26) for their newly fabricated state (1948), they substituted the military ethnic cleansing project against the indigenous Palestinian people for the spiritual struggle of Jacob with God.

Therefore, similar to their theft of land, they illegally appropriated the name of 'EL' (which is 'God') in 'IsraEL' - for their genocidal, messianic settler regime.
Their fancy dresses and smart lies cannot mask the fact: they have turned against God and man: "For I know your rebellion and your stiff neck." Deuteronomy 35–27.

[The Racist's Revenge until Extermination] The theological underpinnings of Isra-l's war against the Palestinians

Iran has had a vested interest in supporting terror against Israel for a very long time.


You send weapons and munitions to them, so your are complicit!

For the second time in a month, the US approves munitions for Israel while calling for an end to mass civilian deaths.
The administration of United States President Joe Biden has once again bypassed Congress to greenlight an emergency weapons sale to Israel, which has only intensified and broadened its attacks on the Gaza Strip despite growing international outrage.
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Congress that he had made a second emergency determination in less than a month, covering a $147.5m sale of equipment to Israel. 30 Dec 2023
Biden administration bypasses Congress on weapons sales to Israel | Al Jazeera

The Biden administration recently authorized the transfer of over 1,000 500-pound bombs and over 1,000 small-diameter bombs to Israel, according to three people familiar with the matter, adding to its arsenal despite US concerns over the country’s conduct in the war in Gaza. April 4, 2024
US recently authorized more bombs for Israel | CNN Politics

No, I think the regimes [of the West] that have a vested interest in supporting terrorism are the ones who are giving the Israeli regime the weapons to carry out genocide, and the genocide began long before October the 7th, and the Gaza Strip was a concentration camp long before October the 7th.

You know as well as I that October the 7th didn’t occur in a vacuum, and that terrorism has been carried out regularly by the Israeli regime on the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip for decades.

It regularly bombed them and killed them, and it’s not just the Gaza Strip.

I think roughly 400 Palestinians have been murdered in the West Bank over the past six months [i.e. since oct 7, 2023]. These are regular occurrences.

But it doesn’t register in the West, because, again, the Israelis, they are European, it’s a colony, they have priorities over the brown people of the land. But it is a fact that Palestinian children, according to the statements made by senior Israeli officials, [or] Palestinian women, according to members of the Knesset, they are lesser people.

If you look at the South African complaint, they clearly point out the views of these people and the starvation siege and the intention to starve the people of Gaza, women and children. That is because they look at them as inferior people. This is not about two armies. This is about a subjugated people trying to stand up for their rights.
Prof. M Marandi [fn1]


Daily harassment and denigration of the other, another example of the rot in Isra-lic society

We don’t know what happened here beforehand, but why would it be necessary to pull off her hijab? 2014

What really happened on October 7:
The Jewish supremacist settler regime of Tel Aviv, which regularly uses disproportionate violence against the mostly unarmed Palestinian people, probably had foreknowledge of the events of October 7, the Al-Aqsa flood attacks by Hamas (Yes, atrocities did happen.)

However, there has emerged lot of information (from Isra-l), that many of the killed were shot by the Isra-l Occupation Forces (IOF) in the confusion about the success of the Hamas fighters, and they enacted the Hannibal directive: killing their own (together with their hostage-takers).
Read about something of what really happened on October 7, 2023:
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