Why UAE is Killing Muslims in Sudan (with U.S. support)


THE CJ WERLEMAN SHOW Three Reasons Why UAE is Killing Muslims in Sudan

W J Werleman
”This quasi-Arab nation (led by its maniacal crown prince, Mohammed bin Zayed) has unleashed terrible suffering on Muslim populations around the world. It not only arms and funds the Libyan warlord General Haftar in Libya, where militias have ethnically cleansed entire cities in North Africa, but it also arms the Southern Transactional Council in Yemen, where it’s responsible for countless atrocities against innocent civilians. And beyond the Middle East, the UAE sponsors India’s Hindu settler colonial enterprise in occupied Kashmir, and funds anti-Muslim hatred throughout Europe and the United States, while at the same time feeding Israel as it starves Palestinians to death in Gaza.”

To be expanded, inshaAllah.


The UAE’s Bloody War in Sudan with Sami Hamdi

Sami Hamdi

The aim of the US in Sudan, and its proxy, the UAE is ”to eliminate the Muslim identity or Sudan, in order to allow the Israel is to be integrated in” the region.

”It’s not enough just to change the constitution, it’s not enough just to remove Islam from the constitution and to normalize with Israel and to reintroduce the river-based banking system. There is an attempt now by UAE and Washington to rebuild the Sudanese state in their image.

”Ibn Zayed believes that they should not be allowed to choose their rulers themselves. Allah can tolerate Kufr with justice but will not tolerate Islam with injustice. The UAE so hell-bent on working against the Ummatic vision of this Ummah.”

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