Zionist Jewish supremacy and its roots in the Talmud

Keith Woods:

Ron Unz is a Jewish political analyst who has written extensively on Jewish Supremacy.

I asked him why, despite his background, he was drawn to research and speak out on this controversial topic.

On the rise of Jewish power and Zionist Jewish supremacy and its roots in the Talmud. @KeithWoodsYT

The books that Ron Unz is talking about:

Jewish History, Jewis Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years
by Israel Shahak 2002

The author was born in a Warsaw ghetto and was a survivor of Belsen. He arrived in Israel in 1945. Brought up under Jewish Orthodoxy abd Hebrew culture, he has consistently opposed the expansion of the borders of Israel from 1967. In this book, Shahak argues that the potential for the right wing Jewish religious movements within Israel to seize power represents a serious threat to the peace of both the state of Israel and the Zionist movement and of the whole of the Middle East. Written from a humanitarian viewpoint by a Jewish scholar, this is a highly controversial criticism of Israel. Amazon content

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