Does the EU stand for democracy, human rights values?


1. European leaders and ‘elites’ don’t stand for democracy, human rights.

It is all window-dressing: hypocrisy.

They are all complicit in the warcrimes and the “plausible” genocide unfolding in Gaza, and the crimes in the West Bank.

2. It is a European invention – it’s Zionist colonialism

Mick Wallace
But asking what’s in it for us supporting an Israeli genocide, well, the truth is that this settler colonial project of which is the makeup of Zionism, this was begun by Europeans. And this started back in ’47, ’48. It is a European invention.

And sadly, we haven’t abandoned colonialism. If you look at EU activity in Africa, and we talk a lot about Africa in here, you’ll see that what do you call it? Neocolonialism or colonialism. It hasn’t really gone away.

And the support for Israel is European support and American support and UK support for a settler colonial project that they started and they still haven’t finished it. And if you think that they have a problem with Gaza being ethnically cleansed of Palestinians, well, think again. Because they have been silent and watched.
Source as below: “Israel is a European Invention…”

Clare Daly
The actions of Israel are certainly designed to provoke a situation which would force the US to enter the scene more. Because the truth is that Israel is losing. It’s tragic that it’s coming at such an enormous cost to the Palestinians and the people of Gaza. But they’ve lost it.

The Zionist project is over now. It has lost the moral authority amongst the majority of the world’s people and significant sections of the Jewish population as well. So that’s over.

(One of those) who benefit from that is the military industrial complex.

The EU tries to steer a path and does it quite badly. I mean, the affront of the way in which they responded to the illegal, unwarranted, appalling bombings of Yemen completely outside the scope of international law because they were appalled at the threat to shipping.

And the erosion of international law what that meant when they watched the slaughter of innocents for months now and they weren’t affronted at the erosion of international law in that.

People in Europe can see that. So that discussion is going on kind of where the hell are we going with all of this stuff. And in some ways, EU politics are becoming a little bit more like US politics where you’ve got two sides of the one coin completely captured by the lobbyists and big corporate industry where the citizens there’s a big gap in accountability.
Israel is a European Invention & Gaza Genocide Was Made in West
w/ MEPs Clare Daly & Mick Wallace – YouTube

3. Kids hungry. European leaders: are you proud of what you accomplished?

Which lofty aims have you fulfilled while supporting the big terrorist Isra-l?

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