The Zionist apartheid state of Israel must be dismantled.

It is a Jewish supremacist state.
Supremacism: That a particular group, esp. one determined by race, religion… is superior and should therefore dominate society.

For peace in the region the Zionist apartheid state of Israel must be dismantled, and peace must be built on justice: Equal rights, there is only 1 race: the race of human beings.

The era after 70 CE – 1800 is "full of Muslims and Jews supporting each other, particularly in the face of Christian oppression."
"The story of Jewish people in Muslim lands by far is those Jewish communities fleeing persecution in Europe to come and live among Muslims which was a relatively pluralist society – the Islamic Empire spanned 500 years [in Spain it lasted almost 800 years] and clearly isn’t a monolith but the Jewish Golden Age literally happened in Muslim Spain."
Source: Historical overview of Palestine in the context of Zionism, Paul Nabil video 5min

1. Just as the colonial system of Algeria was dismantled, or of Rhodesia, or RSA.

NB Islam and Muslims never had a problem with Christians or Jews as 'People of the Book', the problem however stems from Zionism, racism and neo-colonialism.

3. Zionism Is a Response to Judaism

Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro
Zionism was not a response to anti-Semitism. It was a response to Judaism [and still is – see link 3]. It was a movement to ”normalize” the Jews. It was a social engineering project to take the Jews and change them from people like Rabbi Israel Meir Kagan and like Rabbi Soloveitchik, to people like Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon, [this new definition of] ”normal” people, people who love strength, people who love gold medals, Nobel Prizes, [telling the] Jews, you have an opportunity, finally, to be ”normal”. The goal was transformation.

Transformation, this was the Zionist goal, to transform the Jews into ”normal” people. Zionism is not merely antithetical to Judaism. It was [and still is] the antidote to Judaism.

Most of all, ‘we want to be vital and alive without the yoke of Torah and religion,’ and ‘without the lies and beliefs of religion.'[see link 4.] Jacob Klatskin explained the goal of Zionism was to deny any conception of Jewish identity based on spiritual criteria. The goal of Zionism was to dismantle Judaism and to create a new Jewish people.
Source: Has Zionism Hijacked Judaism. – Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro – YouTube
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