‘Our goal is to stop the genocide’ Al Ansar

‘Our goal is to stop the genocide’ Al Ansar (Houthi) spokesman meets The Grayzone.

Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti, senior political officer and spokesman for Yemen’s Ansarallah movement, explains the objectives behind his movement’s naval blockade of the Red Sea in this interview with The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal.

Beginning of the interview

Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti, welcome to The Grayzone.

What are your military objectives with this naval blockade in the Red Sea and how do you intend to achieve them against some of the most powerful militaries on the planet?

In the name of God the All-Merciful, our goal is a simple one. To stop the genocide that is happening in Gaza and to help get fuel, food and medicine into Gaza. We have suffered a similar plight starting in 2015 till today as the Yemeni people. We suffered equally from strikes and a siege. That’s why we cannot allow these crimes to be repeated. And of course if any other group had been suffering what the Palestinians are suffering now, we would have equally supported them. Therefore, our position is a moral one and our war is a war for morality.

As for the massive difference in military strength, between Yemen and our enemies Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom, we don’t act based on our internal strength, but rather based on the support of God the Almighty.

And everyone knows that Moses, peace be upon him, had triumphed over Pharaoh with a stick. As we know the story of Suleiman’s victory and the story of David’s slingshot that defeated Goliath. Therefore, we don’t fear but God Almighty and we don’t fear the weapons of the enemy, whatever they may be.

You’ve said the awareness battle is more important than the military one. What did you mean by that?

This war that we are currently waging has a special nature. The moral impact of this war is much more important than the militaristic one. That is why we believe that a victory on the awareness front is much more important than a military victory.

Because the main cause of suffering from wars around the world is a result of a lack of awareness. And we know that there are a lot of good people in this world, in the United States, in the United Kingdom and any other European country.

These good people, if they found out the truth, their positions would change. I for one lived in the Netherlands for seven years and was a member of the Dutch Socialist Party, where I was an activist for the Palestinian cause. I also lived in Canada. That is why I know that there is a lot of good in these Western countries and communities.

The problem we run into as people trying to achieve justice in this world is the lack of unity and coordination between each other. Fear in our spirits and the lack of awareness amongst the masses.

That is why we believe that Yemen’s victory in this battle is a victory for morality and the highest values.

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