Uncovering the Hypocrisy of US Empire Leaders 

New CNN analysis explains the high Gazan civilian death toll. Over 500 non-precision 2,000 lb bombs dropped in densely populated areas.

US policy of begging Netanyahu to safeguard civilians while sending him weapons & abstaining on even the most modest UN resolution has failed.
Lloyd Doggett @RepLloydDoggett

”US policy of begging Netanyahu”

This is another smokescreen. Poor US leaders need to beg – who will believe this crap?

US government is supporting, abetting and excusing Israel’s criminality.


Come on, this was always only a “policy” to assuage the most naïve segments of the American public.

There’s simply no way on earth the US seriously believed that these 2,000 pounds “non precision” bombs with a 1,200-foot lethal fragmentation radius they were sending Israel with zero red lines attached would be used for anything else than the mass murder of civilians in Gaza…

How on earth can you send those and do everything in your power so that Israel faces no accountability whatsoever and then expect them to somehow have a moral epiphany and change course? Especially given all the public genocidal declarations by Israeli leaders: do these guys sound anywhere close to having some sort of remorse and empathy for the suffering they’re inflicting on the Palestinians?

No, the most logical explanation is that the Biden administration knows all about the Israeli war aims and is therefore complicit, or they purposefully chose to back Israel without asking questions… which also makes them complicit.
Arnaud Bertrand @RnaudBertrand


My theory from day one is that US target is to drag Iran into the conflict, aka another proxy war. GR in RS @prof_touristas

this is the Biden ADMIN war
No matter what they say. khaled seli-man @khaleds58620556

All of these counties should lay down their weapons and live as brothers and sisters. They have much to offer each other. Xi Thought @PeterMcclaran

Shame, shame, shame!!! Killing civilians with our placet is abhorrent. Giving them arms and bombs is a crime! Stop this! I can’t go on seeing this! ElenaAutoctona STOP PALESTINIAN GENOCIDE @ElenAutoctona

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