Rain is the property of the ‘Israel’ authorities

Isra-l is a Jewish supremacist state, recently based on a messianic settler ideology, which is a virulent deviation from orthodox Judaism.
Supremacism: That a particular group, esp. one determined by race, religion… is superior and should therefore dominate society, and that everyone else is inferior, placed to serve the superior group. Related:

[The Racists' Revenge until Extermination]
The theological underpinnings of Israel's current war against Palestinians

Rainwater is the property of ‘Israel’.

Palestinians are forbidden from gathering rainwater.

Source: a UN report: ‘according to Israeli military orders in effect in the area, rain is the property of the Israeli authorities and thus Palestinians are forbidden from gathering rain water for domestic or agricultural needs.’ [link below]

Source: David Miller @Tracking_Power 2023-11-19

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  1. Similarly, in July 2009, Israeli military forces issued stop-work and/or demolition orders on cisterns being constructed in the village of Tuwani, even though the villagers of Tuwani faced a severe water shortage on account of the drought, increasingly stringent Israeli restrictions on movement necessary to gather tankered water, and attacks on water resources and infrastructure by Israeli settlers. If constructed, these cisterns would have significantly eased the water crisis for the people of Tuwani. However, according to Israeli military orders in effect in the area, rain is the property of the Israeli authorities and thus Palestinians are forbidden from gathering rain water for domestic or agricultural needs. In 2010, Israel approved the construction of a filling point in the village of Tuwani that alleviated the problem of water availability in the village even though the capacity of the filling point was significantly below the capacity requested by humanitarian agencies (less than 1/4th) in order to serve surrounding villages, which are considered as the cluster of communities most at risk of water scarcity in the West Bank.


‘As well as prohibiting nearly all construction of wells necessary for Palestinians to secure additional quantities of water to support population growth and socio-economic development, such policies have denied communities access to water and sanitation facilities, including water, toilets, sewage networks and cisterns for rainwater harvesting.’

Israel’s violations of human rights regarding water and sanitation in the OPT – UN.org


The systematic dehumanization of Palestinians is one of three core Israeli values, according to Israeli journalist, Gideon Levy. – Expat Vibes on X @expatvibes

The other two are

  • racism, ‘chosen people’ – can do whatever they want
  • playing the victim card, to be able to live in ‘peace

His whole speech 12min
Israel-Hamas War: Journalist Gideon Levy’s old speech on Israel’s occupation of Palestine goes viral – YouTube

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