Lunatic Jewish Rabbis With Increasing Influence Over Isra-lic Society

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The examples, given here below, are not the only ones, there seem to be many teachers or leaders (rabbis) with religious authority in Zionist Isra-l, who have very strange opinions about other people, none-Jews.

Why Isra-l and not Israel?

The meaning of Israel (Jacob) is 'the one who has struggled with God'.

So when the Zionists, who are mostly atheists and disbelievers or fanatic messianic bigots, took the name 'Israel' from the Torah - Bible (story of Jacob, 1 Mose 32:26) for their newly fabricated state (1948), they substituted the military ethnic cleansing project against the indigenous Palestinian people for the spiritual struggle of Jacob with God.

Therefore, similar to their theft of land, they illegally appropriated the name of 'EL' (which is 'God') in 'IsraEL' - for their genocidal, messianic settler regime.
Their fancy dresses and smart lies cannot mask the fact: they have turned against God and man: "For I know your rebellion and your stiff neck." Deuteronomy 35–27.

[The Racist's Revenge until Extermination] The theological underpinnings of Isra-l's war against the Palestinians

The Lunatic Jewish Rabbis Video

Quotes/ complete text from the video

Israeli officials like the prime minister and defence minister have visited this academy where rabbis have made inflammatory statements.

[rabbi:] With the help of God, slavery will return

[rabbi:] The non-Jews (Arabs) will want to be our slaves.

Bnei David academy is located in a settlement in the West Bank.

The school aims to promote religious zionist teachings into Israel’s army.

A 2019 news report showed a lesson by then-head of the academy’s religious seminary.

Rabbi Eliezer Kashtiel

[rabbi:] The people around us have genetic problems.

[rabbi:] Ask any average Arab where he wants to be

[rabbi:] He wants to be under occupation.

[rabbi:] Why? Because they have genetic problems.

[rabbi:] Yes, we are racists.

[rabbi:] We believe in racism.

The report also showed Rabbi Giora Radler teaching a lesson about the Holocaust.

Rabbi Giora Radler

[rabbi:] The Holocaust was not about killing the Jews

[rabbi:] Nonsense. And that it was systematic and ideological makes it more moral than random murder.

[rabbi:] Humanism, secular culture, that is the Holocaust. The real Holocaust is pluralism.

What Critics say about those rabbis

Critics say the academy promotes ultra-nationalist, religious extremism.

They fear institutions like this one that are influencing government, (and) are also molding the next generation of Israeli students.



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How Arab Jews, for example Iraqi Jews, who had lived in Iraq for over 1000 (3500) years, were pushed out because of Zionist terrorist attacks on Jews.

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