We Demand Your Emancipation From the River to the Sea



Go to Bunkers You Greedy Child Murderers!

2023-12-23, m2

@sethwatkinsmusic Oh Palestine, Oh Palestine – I wrote this song as I wept for the 20,000 martyrs in Gaza (40% children) and those still subject to the ongoing Israeli terror campaign. My hope is that it will foster hope among any and all who listen with empathy and love in their hearts. #ceasefirenow #standwithpalestine ♬ original sound – Seth Watkins


Western leaders have not only backed rhetorically a genocidal war by Israel on Gaza, but they have provided diplomatic cover, weapons and other military assistance.

The West is fully complicit in the ethnic cleansing of some two million Palestinians from their homes, as well as the killing of more than 20,000 and the injuring of many tens of thousands more, a majority of them women and children.
Are we the baddies? Western support for genocide in Gaza means the answer is yes, Jonathan Cook

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