It’s not about Self-Defense!

The stated aim is to eradicate Hamas

The real goal is ethnic cleansing!

  • This is an excerpt from Lauren Booth (link below)

Anybody who has not looked into who the people of Palestine are in their struggle, you have no right to even comment about what is going on now, because you have no idea about the pain that the people have had to go through. SubhanAllah.

So to celebrities who don’t know this inside and out, to the people in the pubs, to the people in the West, or talking over the internet, or the trolls. Shush. This is not your time. Be quiet.

If I come into your home, beat your wife, kill your children and kick you out of your home. And years later, you kick the door in and try to get home. And you’re in the house saying, "This is my house." Who is defending what here?

There is no self-defense ideal.

When you’re squatting on people’s land, you are deliberately and continually killing people and starving them of their human rights. This is not self-defense. This is what they’ve wanted all along.

Netanyahu stood at the United Nations just a couple of weeks ago with a map that completely erased any Palestinian presence at all. This is their excuse to enact upon that.

But they had the plan anyway. This is what they’ve wanted to do.

If you see the disgusting words coming out from Israeli news media, from their Zionist politicians and from so-called supporters of Israel, you’ll see.

”Annihilate the Palestinians, kill their kids, take their land, make them suffer, push them into Egypt.”

Their agenda is very, very clear. That’s not self-defense.

Source/ Excerpt: @LaurenBoothOfficial British Activist’s Brilliant Response to Israel Supporters! @LaurenBoothOfficial – YouTube @4.25

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