How Zionist Israel forces pornography on Palestinian children

It’s unbelievable, but seems to be true.
And it fits in the Zionist enemy’s way of conducting politics – meaning making life untenable for the original population, the Palestinians.

In this case in Hebron (Al-Jaleel), where Palestinians are caged into a few remaining areas, undergoing constant harassment and humiliations. And because Palestinians are strong and resilient, and do not want to leave their homes, one interpretation of what the enemy occupier is doing here by employing pornography on television, is just another tactics to push out of town the original population. If they can’t bomb them, and they can’t, because there are Jewish families all around, then they will find other ways to make life very very difficult. See how evil this enemy is, but the Day of Judgement is close by.

This is part of a thread by adlie (@adliehassan), who asks why a rabbi owns PornHub?


Why does a rabbi own PornHub?
So I did some digging. Oh the things that I have found. 🤯
I promise you, you will want to know why.
Get your barf bags ready, coz it’s going to be a bumpy ride.
This is a thread. Brace yourselves.

On this page we are only publish the part of evil influencing the minds of young Palestinians by the Zionist occupier. (You can read the whole thread from the link below.)

The Gaza slaughter is =ongoing= . Cease-Fire Now!

"I have six children at home; they have nowhere to go with what is going on here and can’t even watch TV," Reema, a Palestinian mother, said.

"I think the Israelis want to mess with our young men’s heads."

Why does a rabbi own PornHub?

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