We are all Gaza – Dr. Mats Gilbert

His appeal on Al-Jazeera

≈ 2023-11-12


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I’m a medical doctor, I’m a civilian. I have been all around in Shifa Hospital for 16 years. I’ve been walking freely everywhere. I’ve taken pictures and videos. I have talked to anybody, to patients and to staff. I’ve even been sleeping in the Shifa Hospital.

And I have never seen any signs of any military command center in Shifa.

But I think again you have to ask the Israelis, because if they are so sure about this command center that they have been talking about for 16 years now, where is the proof? Where are the pictures? Where is the x-ray of the hospital?

Because you have to remember that Israel has a very sophisticated intelligence. And they have been x-raying the ground of Gaza. They have mapped all the tunnels for the resistance. They know the phone number of every citizen. They know the addresses. They know exactly who lives where.

So why is it that this brilliant Israeli intelligence system has not been able to put forward any proof? These are all the lies of war. Israel is a chronic liar.

Any normal human being with a heart would not attack hospitals. Israel has a long history of attacking hospitals, ambulances, health personnel, primary health care clinics. And they have done that since I first was in Gaza during bombing in 2006.

So in this situation, where any sensible person, general, prime minister with a heart would say, we will have ceasefire, we will take care of the wounded, we will re-establish the function of the hospitals.

What is Israeli doing?
They are increasing the bombing, increasing the number of wounded, increasing the siege of the hospitals and the strangulation of the people.

So if you are not killed during this really bombing, they want to starve you, to thirst you, to bleed you and scare you to death.

So to me, this is, you know, it’s not only war crimes. This is crimes against humanity.

And this is crimes against the value base that we all should have. If we are Muslims or Christians or Jews or agnostics, that every human life is sacred. And we should save and protect every human life.

In Gaza, lives are shred like this. And the European leaders and this President Joe Biden is completely silent. Or even worse, they are supporting the Israeli atrocities.

I think the Palestinian people today is the only people on Earth who have to prove that they are killed. They have to prove that they are dead because Joe Biden says that he doubts the numbers from the Minister of Health in Gaza.

And I say to you all, stand up for Palestine, stand up for Gaza now, kullunaa gaza (Arabic: we are all Gaza). Now we need solidarity more than ever. That’s much more important than what a Norwegian doctor can do.

We need now to be strong and to say to the leaders and to the world that we don’t accept this.
Thank you. you Thank you very much.

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