Media ignores evidence of Israel’s actions Oct 7

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Why is the media ignoring evidence of Israel’s own actions on 7 October?


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Media readiness to re-examine 7 October long after those events took place has operated within strict limits. Only claims that support Israel’s narrative about what happened that day are being aired.

A growing body of evidence suggesting a far more complex reality, one that paints Israel’s own actions in a far more troubling light, is being ignored or suppressed.

This deeply dishonest approach from the western media indicates that they are not, as they declare, fearlessly pursuing the truth. Rather, they are regurgitating talking points being fed to them by Israel.

That is not only unconscionable – particularly given Israel’s long track record of promoting lies, both small and large – but it violates all basic journalistic codes.

And, worse still, the media’s credulous amplification of Israel’s version of 7 October continues to breathe life into the Israeli case that wrecking Gaza to eliminate Hamas is morally justified.

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How is it possible, given their continuing interest in scrutinising the events of 7 October, that none of the western media has picked up on any of this distressing evidence, let alone investigated it?


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How did so many Hamas fighters end up burned – and in exactly the same locations as Israelis, meaning their remains could not be identified separately for many weeks?

There is a likely explanation, confirmed by an Israeli survivor of the 7 October events, as well as by a security guard, and a variety of military personnel. But these accounts starkly undermine the official narrative – the only version of events western publics are being allowed to hear.

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Why is the media ignoring evidence of Israel’s own actions on 7 October?

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Imagine what a weird, moronic statement this is:

”The IDF believes that beyond the operational investigations of the events, it would not be morally sound to investigate these incidents.”
On what happened on Oct 7 (B)

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