5 Days of violent abusive Zionist repression

= The blessings and peace of Allah on Prophet Muhammad, his Family, and his Companions. =

Imagine 2000 years after Jesus was born in the lands of Palestine, such cruel people who lost their humanity now roam the lands, harassing the indigenous people of Palestine, throwing natives out of their houses!

In occupied Palestine

It’s ongoing of course, not limited to 5 days!

This selection of five days in December 2021 begins 2021-12-17 until 2021-12-21 and represents only a tiny fraction of what happened in the past months and years.[fn1]

This repression by Zionist military and vigilante (‘settlers’) groups has been intensifying since Trump visited Jerusalem – al-Quds – and scaled up several degrees since Bennet became prime minister for the colonial settler state.

These are snapshots span only over 4 – 5 days with incidents or cruel, demeaning behaviour by the so-called army (IOF)[fn2] in various areas of the land of Palestine. Evicting people from their homes, while Jews from around the world are invited to move in is against intl. law, against all morality of human civilization, forbidden in the Holy Quran.

Intensifying with even fewer media attention, however, the truth of this mess is becoming ever more apparent.

Armed thugs of Israel ‘army’, while being armed to the teeth, bring havoc wherever they go, supporting the settlers in their joint venture to ethnically cleanse Palestine. The ‘the settler’-terrorists are supported by the Israel government.

The governments of the West (and the East) cannot ignore what is happening, sometimes afraid of the business losses, oftentimes r, but they are complicit. Let them talk about the evil of the holocaust, about the problem of antisemitism, let them talk about human rights, about criminality, about terrorism … it’s all smokey talk, and fewer people believe them.

As for support from the Muslim majority countries, most of them are led by dictators and tyrants, in bed with the Zionists.

People of Israel!

Have you forgotten the way your grandparents were treated by the occupations in 1930-1945?
Is the lesson for you to cut yourself off from any semblance of mercy?!
Don’t follow most of your rabbis and evil political leaders who betray you:
hatred brings only more hatred.
Work for reconciliation with the other, there is no other way.
Don’t build your house on sand,
the tide is turning against you!


Oh Allah, You hear the voices of the downtrodden!
Bring the evil oppressors down and we know
You will punish them for their ill deeds!

4 Screenshots from the dire situation in Palestine

The whole series from those 5 days (2021-12-17–21) is here.

pic 3
pic 15
pic 21


[fn1] Israel is enforcing an ongoing ethnic cleansing (at least they try), ongoing in our days, ongoing since 1947 with the expulsion of about 700.000 Palestinians. This Nakba happened before any Arab soldiers moved in the area, not because of it.

[fn2] IOF: Israel Occupation Army, the main enemy of Palestinian schoolgirls, women, farmers, peaceful demonstrators, but scared of those resistance fighters who are armed!

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