Mossad Used Fake Passports in Dubai Hit

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1. Intro

This was not the first time Mossad used false passports, the difference is, it became widely known.

So if the police apprehend a suspect in a crime, for example, a Mossad operative, it will look like a Brit, a German, a French, or whoever, as his real identity is concealed.

Some of the secret services of the West do work together, exchanging services, so for example in the case of the Dubai Hit. In this case of using another country’s passport, it seems Israel’s Mossad crossed a limit, which is not the first time (Related: Israel’s Jordanian botched poison attack), related: the criminal birth of the state of Israel – the example of the Hotel Bombing in Jerusalem 1948 / example Deir Yassin (not yet linked).

2. Usage of Fake Passports

British intelligence probably knew that the Mossad was ”going to carry out an ‘overseas operation’ using fake British passports before assassinating a Hamas official in Dubai, 19 January 2010 (Maḥmūd al-Mabḥūḥ, co-founder of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas), the Daily Mail reported on Friday.”
□ comment: If they knew it or not, they would have stopped the Zionists anyway, they didn’t stop them in 1947/ 48 either.
Britain ‘Knew Mossad Was Using Fake Passports for Dubai Hit‘

fake passport

Source: Israel fears further diplomat expulsions after fake passport row

□ comment: The main point of this story is the following: European countries show signs of consternation that their passports have been used by the Israel Mossad, without asking them for permission, but they don’t protest by the strongest means that here people are killed – in foreign countries – without due course of the law (Principle: Innocent until proven guilty). And worse: after this practice has been introduced, it has ‘inspired’ other state actors: the USA of course, Russia, Iran, Saud, Philippines, Hindutva India…
(Evidence not provided – it’s all in the public domain – until censured).

3. The Scheme With ’Former Mossad Officers’

A former Mossad officer has alleged the Israeli spy agency has its own “passport factory” to create or doctor passports for use in intelligence operations.

□ comment: ”former Mossad officer”, once in the Mossad – always in it! So this is only what they want us to think, it is ‘damage control’. They cannot deny their breaking of laws – this time it was too much in the open. In any case, it shows again that the Zionist settler-colonial state (Israel) don’t care about international law and conventions (such as the Geneva convention) and human rights, but are so self-centered that they need to boast about their crimes¡¡
In the name of the most democratic state in the Middle East, no.

Relations between Australia and Israel are under strain after three Australian passports were apparently used by suspects in the killing of top Hamas leader Mahmoud Al Mabhouh in Dubai last month…

Victor Ostrovsky, a case officer at Mossad for several years in the 1980s, says he has no doubt Australian passports have been forged or fraudulently used for similar operations in the past.
□ comment: Another ”former” one, imagine what the insiders would be able to tell us, if they would¡¡

“They need passports because you can’t go around with an Israeli passport, not even a forged one, and get away or get involved with people from the Arab world,” he said.
□ comment: Does anyone wonder why their settler-colonial, supremacist system is despised all over the world?!

“They’ll shy away right away. So most of these [Mossad] operations are carried out on what’s called false flag, which means you pretend to be of another country which is less belligerent to those countries that you’re trying to recruit from… □ comment: presenting you are a decent guy when instead you are a cold-blooded monster.
“Most people who work in the intelligence field don’t present themselves by their real name… (except for James Bond)”

Israel has long rejected Mr. Ostrovsky’s claims and tried to stop his book from being published.
Mossad ‘factory’ churned out fake Australian passports

4. Ireland Opposes Extra-Judicial Killings

The Irish Government has decided to expel an official at the Israeli embassy in Dublin in protest over the use of forged Irish passports by suspects in the killing of a Hamas official in Dubai…  

Dubai police have accused Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad of orchestrating the assassination using fraudulent British, Irish, French, German, and Australian passports. Israel has neither confirmed nor denied involvement…

“As a matter of principle, Ireland opposes extra-judicial killings,” the (Irish Government) Minister said. “We believe that states have a duty to operate according to the law and to respect that way of life that terrorists seek to destroy.” □ comment: thank you Ireland, and we love your music!
Israeli official expelled over use of fake passports

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