Men Dancing With Swords in Front of Mosques

Snapshot Situation India 2023 – Or The Threat of Bloodbath

By Rana Ayyub @RanaAyyub, Apr 1, 2023

Thread. I wanted to stay off twitter the last twenty hours because it is that time of the year again when triggering videos would emerge through Ram Navami rallies in the month of Ramadan. Of men dancing with swords in front of mosques, with hate songs playing on loud speakers.

Visuals of mosques being attacked, of right wing fundamentalists brazenly telling news channels that they would not think twice before showing Muslims another 2002 in Gujarat. Visuals of cops yet again placing the burden of peace on Muslims already living in fear.

It is embarrassing to keep posting about the attack on Muslims when you yourself belong to the community and your well meaning colleagues in ‘good humour’ point out your ‘obsession’ with tweeting and writing about Muslim issues as if other stories in India do not exist.

You really wish you could focus on other issues that demand attention but for the lynching of muslims that have now become foot-notes in publications, but for the love-jihad rallies attended by thousands including ministers with calls for economic boycott and genocide of Muslims.

The young independent journalists, many Muslims would not be reporting these stories at great risks to their lives if the mainstream media, the privileged, members of the majority, were equally outraged at the vulgar, brutal humiliation of the Indian muslims every single day.

The well meaning want you to talk about India growth story where international celebrities, designers, performers are arriving in India, the land of democracy, culture, who are shown a sanitised version of this country. Marigold flowers are used to cover the visuals of hate.

And please don’t tell me that this is just a handful. The handful who are stopping their neighbor’s from offering namaz during Ramzan in their own personal spaces have your support. The support of the average India who in his silence is perfectly ok with our everyday humiliation.

Please take a deep hard look. You might not like what you see.


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