This is Palestine before the settler colonial occupation of Israel

Quoted from Fiorella Isabel a o

This is Palestine before the settler colonial occupation of Israel took over via Britain and the US’s aid. What’s worse is that this only occurred not because they wanted to help Jewish people but because they wanted to occupy Palestine via the creation of Israel in order to use it as a military front in the Middle East. Who wants to expand into Syria, Lebanon, Iran and beyond? That’s Israel of course, at the behest of the US. And they’re committing genocide to achieve that.

This was never about religion and it certainly isn’t about “Hamas” or “terrorism.” This is clear-cut neocolonial imperialism.

Here are more. Show those who tell you Israel did no wrong? Generations exterminated in fascistic fashion with the world largely silent until now.

This is what was lost because of western greed. You cannot rewrite history. We won’t let that happen.


Here comes the self-confessed Zionist (referring to top image, bottom left) and writes:
”That’s Hebrew.” @AdamRFisher

Thanks for proving the point that Palestinian Jews, Muslims and Christians all lived in harmony before purposeful Zionism took over. Not the gotcha ya think it is sweaty. @FiorellaIsabelM

Then he (@AdamRFisher) returns with this:
”Why do you think the British left this harmony?
1920 Nebi Musa riots – 4 Jews killed & 216 injured
1929 Hebron and Safed massacres – 133 Jews killed
1936-39 Arab Revolt – 500 Jews killed”

Zionists have never desired harmony. Don’t know much history about this area eh?? @Camburnclimate

The real push towards zionism began in 1917. Jewish settlers were encouraged to move there. Also, the Jewish settlers showed a propensity towards violence in pushing the indigenous population out of their own lands. Now you know why there was violence. @bennie_coleman

Zionist settlers were noted to being brutal towards native Palestinians, trespassing on their land and harassing them as early as 1891. @uzmebi

Gaza as it was in 1920 It was quiet and its people lived in peace before the Zionist invasions in 1948. @Lotfi_Ghazouani

Source: Fiorella Isabel @FiorellaIsabelM


Here a rare 3min old video from Palestine before 1948

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