On the reality of political Zionism

General rule: Israelis are lying more than they breathe.


These are quotes from Scott Ritter.[^fn1]

Ladies and gentlemen, when America’s falling apart at the seams, homeless, you name it, we got problems. First order of business, I’m gonna pass money for Israel. What the hell?

And then October 7th came in. And this rage that’s been bottled up by people who felt so helpless because if …you felt a sense of hopelessness and helplessness as the Abrahams Accord took in that nobody was…

And so now what happens is nobody anticipated October 7th. So there wasn’t a front loading of the Israeli propaganda machine…
What really happened on Oct 7, 2023 (B)

Israel was already in tatters because of Netanyahu’s evisceration of basic law and trying to take control of the judiciary or moving it as an independent agency. And so they’re already on the defensive. You have a whole bunch of people going, "Well, Israel is really a democracy." But even the people that advocated for democracy going, Benjamin Netanyahu’s sort of destroyed this Israel.

So the PR machine is falling in on itself, starting to argue against itself. There’s a debate against themselves, etc. Boom. They don’t have a plan. The whole world, it’s…

They basically, they lost the script. It got out of control. The whole world’s in the street and they don’t know what to do.


And so this is where you find out the true nature of people. When you strip away the pretense, when you strip away the scripting, the acting, and it just comes down, they’re standing in front of you, a buck naked, and they have to make a decision, you find out who they are.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the reality of political Zionism, because that’s what modern Israel is. It’s not a democracy. It’s not a nation that wants to live in peace and harmony with its neighbors. It’s about the Israel that Benjamin Netanyahu has played a large role in creating.

The Israel that assassinated Yitzhak Rabin is the ugly face of political Zionism, where they treat Arabs as animals, they view everybody as subhuman, and they don’t care about the law. They will do everything necessary to achieve their objectives. This is the reality and it’s crude.

I mean, look at the UN ambassador, the Israeli UN ambassador, how he is disgracing the memory of the Holocaust by putting on that yellow star, by parading around, by doing this, it’s because they don’t know what to do.

They don’t have a plan, so the only thing they can do is be honest for the first time about who they truly are, and it’s pretty damn ugly.

Scott Ritter: Israel Will LOSE Its War on Gaza and the US is Powerless to Stop It

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