Why does Isra-l intentionally kill journalists?

… and healthworkers.
Well, you guessed it. They don’t want the world to know some serious things of what’s going on.
Except for stories about the Hamas resistance, much can be told – produced by the Isra-l ”hasbara” machine, independent inspections not allowed.

1. How come all those journalists were killed in 6 weeks?

There are of course those who cannot and will not believe these claims, and Allah knows best and most!

Source: 60 Journalists and Media Workers Killed in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory (in 2023 / Motive Confirmed or Unconfirmed) Explore CPJ’s database of attacks on the press

2. Comparison

Comment by Muhammad Shehada

Israel killed more journalists in Gaza in 7 weeks than all 20 YEARS of the Vietnam war & all 6 years of World War II @muhammadshehad2

63 journalists killed in Vietnam by both sides
19 killed in World War II by all parties (en.wikipedia.org)
17 killed in Ukraine (until May, 2023, cpj.org)
70 killed in Gaza by Israel alone ⇢ in ≈ 6 weeks! (cpj.org have 60, but info lagging).

Not to forget the UN workers:

In about two months of war, Israel has killed more journalists and UN workers than Hamas commanders. That’s because its military doctrine consists of state terror by a TikTok army of cowering button pushers. @MaxBlumenthal

Remember: Victory over Hamas is the stated goal, Ethnic cleansing is the real goal!
(If you dont believe it then listen to what Isra-l leaders and "rabbis" have been saying. The extremists are in government now, 2023.

3. Why Israel is targeting journalists in Gaza

American journalist Abby Martin explains why Israel is targeting journalists in Gaza.

People around the world and even Americans and Europeans are more and more turning against this colonial genocidal project by the US empire and its tail, the Isra-l Zionist settler state.

4. Statement by Codepink

Gaza journalists risking their lives to report from within

“I no longer have any hope of survival … I am certain that I will die in the next few weeks or maybe days," said Bisan Owda, a 25 year old journalist from Gaza. Without her, we wouldn’t know what really happened at Al-Shifa hospital where Israeli airstrikes led to the suffocation of babies in incubators. Motaz, another young photojournalist who was raised in the Deir al-Balah refugee camp in Gaza, has been critical in reporting on the indiscriminate bombings of residential buildings in southern Gaza.

Palestinian journalists are risking their lives to tell the truth. What is the mainstream media doing? The New York Times is doing what it does best: propping up the war machine and throwing Palestinians under the bus. We saw it before the invasion of Iraq and we are seeing it now. The New York Times is a mouthpiece for the war machine!

Tell the New York Times ( ⇢ and your media in your country!) to Report accurately on Gaza!

Western media needs to get its act together because the Israeli military stated that their operations in southern Gaza will be “no less strength” than its offensive in the north. The temporary “ceasefire” is over and the death toll in Gaza has climbed to 16,000 people so far. Thanks to the journalists in Gaza, we’ve witnessed this nightmare with them.

The testimonies on the ground in Gaza since the temporary “ceasefire” ended have been heartbreaking. Another Palestinian journalist named Plestia shared the English translation of one of Motaz’s posts on her Instagram where he says, “the phase of risking your life to show what’s happening is over and the phase of trying to survive has started."

Despite having access to incredible first-hand sources like Bisan, Motaz, and Plestia, the New York Times (and your media?) has done nothing but parrot outright lies that green light the genocide. It’s time to demand more of our news outlets! Palestine deserves better.

For the sake of Bisan, Motaz, Plestia, and all Palestinians in Gaza: Tell the NYT to tell the truth about Palestine!
Although the situation in Gaza and the rest of Palestine is dire, and the news can be depressing, I have a bit of a reminder for you: Oppression is meant to make you feel hopeless, to crush your soul in a way that stops you from ever resisting, but we’re stronger than that. They want us to give up, but we refuse!

Towards Peace, Nour and the entire CODEPINK team

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