You kill Christians, where is Hamas?

Isra-l’s stated aim was to ”destroy” Hamas, it’s real aim are the warcrime of ethic cleansing and genocide. Then why do kill Christians? Explain this to the world community, depraved murderers!

There is no God 3000 years ago, or 1000 years from now who would sanction your evil deeds! You will go to Hell.



2. Zionists went out to ”destroy” Hamas, we ask: where is Hamas?

Is Hamas in the Christian churches, is it therefore you bomb them and kill Christians hiding there?

  • while cutting off water, electricity, food, medicins.

Isra-l army’ and leaders: You are genociders. God will punish you.


3. Situation for Christians in the Holy Land 2023


”The Palestinian Christian community (which is one of the oldest Christian communities in the world) are often overlooked and forgotten in mainstream media reports.
The Israeli bombardment of Gaza has been so intensive and so relentless that Palestinian Christians now find themselves on the brink of extinction. If this alone doesn’t constitute the textbook definition of genocide, then nothing does.

”On October 19, Israeli warplanes bombed the historic Saint Porphyius church, killing 18 people and seriously injuring dozens more.

”In the occupied West Bank, Christians have been subjected to violence, harassment and discrimination, with Israeli occupation forces banning Christmas lights in Bethlehem and festive parades in Jerusalem, although many have chosen not to celebrate the religious holiday as an expression of solidarity with their Muslim brothers and sisters.

”This solidarity is an important footnote when talking about Palestine because Israel has always tried to turn the two religious groups against each other, as part of its divide and conquer strategy, a hallmark of all settler-colonial enterprises. CJ Werleman


May Allah also protect our Christian and true, decent Jewish brothers and sisters,
and all of the oppressed by the Zionist thugs.

The worst thugs are those in high places, kings, presidents, advisors etc. such as the leader of the US empire, bringing havoc on the world.

Joe Biden we charge you with genocide!

Netanyahu we charge you with genocide!

5. Related

Evidence that Christians are not spared either.
For available latest news re: Christians in Gaza (Palestine) will be presented here.

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