What is NATO?

Quote[fn1]: NATO is like the (sort of a) mafia. They create insecurity to self-security, they create threats to self-protection and in the end NATO guarantees that Europe is deindustrializing, it is falling behind economically, socially, morally, it is becoming geopolitically irrelevant.

To see NATO flags being flown here when we know that NATO is simply the organization for the advancement of US interests is absolutely pathetic.

When we have a leadership of the European Union which sanctions ourselves so positively to undermine the Russian economy but just succeeds in having the Russian economy becoming the strongest economy in Europe you know that the lunatics have really taken over the asylum…

The needs of people in Europe are for cooperation, for enhanced solidarity on all of matters and it does start with Palestine because they have been hijacked, they have been the mouth pieces of Israeli genocide and it is so shameful to see that being done in the names of European citizens when it is clearly so not the case.

let’s begin with Free Palestine before we can free Europe.

[fn1] – Clare Daly and Yanis Varoufakis: Reclaim Europe for the people out of the hands of the lobbyists!

… to be updated, inshaAllah .

2. NATO’s Expansion Into Asia Is the Mother of Bad Ideas

“What happens in the Euro-Atlantic region matters for the Indo-Pacific, and what happens in the Indo-Pacific matters to the Euro-Atlantic,” NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg said at Vilnius, an echo of similar comments he’s made before. Stoltenberg has said that “security is no longer regional, security is global,” and finds that “this idea that we can say that China doesn’t matter for NATO is wrong.”

To that end, NATO “seek[s] new relationships with countries across Latin America, Africa and Asia,” he explained, for “as autocratic regimes draw closer to one another, those of us who believe in freedom and democracy must stand together.” 07.29.2023 = 2023-07-29
NATO’s Expansion Into Asia Is the Mother of Bad Ideas

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