Jewish Settler Violence Against Palestinians Explodes

= The blessings and peace of Allah on Prophet Muhammad, his Family, and his Companions. =

1. The evil Zionist politics of oppression of Palestinians has to stop!

{ لَهُمْ فِى ٱلدُّنْيَا خِزْىٌۭ ۖ وَلَهُمْ فِى ٱلآخِرَةِ عَذَابٌ عَظِيمٌۭ }

Regarding these people, settlers, Zionists, ‘born-again’ Jews, we say
in accordance wirh what Allah (may His Majesty be exalted!) revealed about them 1443 years ago:

[They are those] { who hasten into disbelief […and] say,
"We believe" with their mouths, but their hearts believe not, and from among the Jews. [They are] avid listeners to falsehood (some Jews knowingly listen to lies), listening to another people who have not come to you} [to confirm if it is the truth of what they were told] (who have no relation with you and who distort certain words of the Bible).

{Those are the ones for whom Allah does not intend to purify their hearts. For them in this world is disgrace, and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment.}

2. Summary of the situation in this video

3. Why should American Taxpayers fund Israel settler (o.a.) terrorism?

And why EU citicens should do so?

Tax-Exempt U.S. Nonprofits Fuel Israeli Settlers in Jerusalem

Stealing houses – evicting people – all for a racially pure ‘Jewish Israel’ GettyImages-1232732859-sheikh-jarrah-USA
GettyImages Sheikh Jarrah

Tax-Exempt U.S. Nonprofits Fuel Israeli Settlers in Jerusalem

4. Palestine: 27 years since Ibrahimi Mosque massacre (Hebron)

On Feb. 25, 1994, during dawn prayer, hundreds of Palestinians were attacked by mass shootings and bombings at the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, Palestine. The gruesome attack left 29 worshippers martyred and dozens others wounded.

According to eyewitnesses, the attack was planned by a group of Jewish settlers along with indirect assistance of the Israeli army that was not at the scene during the massacre.


There was an ”absolute absence of the Israeli army from their usual locations during the dawn prayer despite the clashes between the worshippers and settlers during evening prayer before the massacre.”
”This confirms Israel’s involvement in the massacre.” Khamis Qafisha, 60, a retired teacher.
Palestine: 27 years since Ibrahimi Mosque massacre

5. Related – the long arm of the US empire

Americans make up 15% of settler population in West Bank – The Jerusalem Post
Israeli settlers: The face of US imperialism in the Middle East | Opinions | Al Jazeera

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