On the attacks by Palestinians (Hamas) on Isrl

1. On the universal right to resist occupation and subjugation


  1. Calls upon all States to implement fully and faithfully the resolutions of the United Nations regarding the exercise of the right to self-determination and independence by peoples under colonial and foreign domination;

  2. Reaffirms the legitimacy of the struggle of peoples for independence, territorial integrity, national unity and liberation from colonial and foreign domination and foreign occupation by all available means, including armed struggle. (See Links below)

2. One Theory

After some consideration on the events of Saturday Oct 7, 2023 with the unprecedented attacks by Palestinians (directed by the Hamas group) on Isrl, it appears strange that the sophisticated surveillance system of the Isrl state would not catch any signs of an impending attack.

Such a large scale attack of the Arab Palestinian Muslims (and others) on different Isrl targets would not be possible without month-long preparations.

22 years ago on 9/11 2001, we already saw how this evil scheme worked out well for the ‘dancing Israelis’, so the same Netanyahu who was in charge then and his accomplices, will not hold back to execute it again!

They’ve already said: ”This is our 9/11”.

Beautiful pattern

3. Declaration of the leader of Hamas’s military wing

Mohammad Deif, the leader of Hamas’s military wing, said the operation was launched in response to Israel’s continued aggression on Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque.

For the past week, thousands of Israeli settlers have been carrying out provocative tours of the mosque complex following calls by ultranationalist Jewish groups.

"They [Israeli forces] consistently assault our women, the elderly, children and [the] youth; and prevent our people from praying in the Aqsa Mosque while allowing groups of Jews to desecrate the mosque with daily incursions," he said.

4. Occupation and Humiliation: the intent to humiliate

Humiliation is a very important factor – a very necessary part of the occupation, in order to crush the spirit of the individual. It shows itself everywhere in the land. Example Hebron / Halil. (J.A.)

The health of a society is noted by how it treats the less priviledged/ the most marginalized members of society, incl. women and children. There you can see if it is a civilized society. (J.A.)

5. A pretext of slaughter – what Zionists are good at since before 1947

The Zionist settler occupier state will probably use this attack for their own nefarious purposes: to kill and harm as many Palestinians as possible, with the ultimate goal of driving away as many of the surviving Palestinians as possible, so as to increase the land area of the Zionist occupier state as far as possible, just as they were taunting to launch ”a new Nakba” earlier.

Once they came as refugees from European persecution to the lands of Palestine, and look what they’ve become!

As Allah says in the Quran, they never get enough, it is never enough they always want more:

{ Rivalry in worldly increase/ rivalry for piling up of worldly things diverts/ distracts you, until you come to the graves. Nay! you shall soon know…} 102-1–3

And Allah (God) knows best!

6. Links

Palestinians and the Right to Resist – CJPME – English

UNGA Resolution 3314 (1974) affirmed the right of self-determination, freedom, and independence for all “peoples under colonial and racist regimes or other forms of alien domination,” and affirmed the “right of these peoples to struggle to that end and to seek and receive support.”

UNGA Resolution 37/43 (1982) reaffirmed the “inalienable right” of the Palestinian people “and all peoples under foreign and colonial domination” to self-determination. It also reaffirmed the legitimacy of “the struggle of peoples for […] liberation from colonial and foreign domination and foreign occupation by all available means, including armed struggle.”

Who Cares About The Five Dancing Israelis (Mossad) on 9/11?

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