What really happened on Oct 7, 2023


… and what the Zionist settler regime will not tell you.

Isra-l is a Jewish supremacist state, recently based on a messianic settler ideology, which is a virulent deviation from orthodox Judaism.
Supremacism: That a particular group, esp. one determined by race, religion… is superior and should therefore dominate society, and that everyone else is inferior, placed to serve the superior group. Related:

[The Racists' Revenge until Extermination]
The theological underpinnings of Israel's current war against Palestinians

1. Available info-pages: o, A, B, C

Part o, quoting the ‘official story of Oct 7’ by Caitlin Johnstone @caitoz
Part A is this page here.
Part B & C have more info, with latest updates on C, inshaAllah.

2. Clarification

To clarify first the following regarding Gaza/ Palestine:

– 1. There are not 2 parts in a war: they are not equal, one is the occupier, the other is the occupied.

– 2. According to HRW, Amnesty, BTSelem, a.o. Israel is an Apartheid state. Apartheid is a crime against humanity, it is a deeply racist endevour, where the weaker group is considered less human, if human at all.

– 3. To criticise Israel for the crimes they are committing (policy, daily humiliations, house destructions, bombings, shooting to kill, night raids into homes, kidnapping of children, minimising food intake and/ or water supply for Gazans, cutting down olive trees in the Westbank, digging up water pipes, destroying schools built by the EU, …) is equally self-evident as criticising Greenland or Grenada. It has nothing to do with hating Jews (anti-semitism).

It is impossible for fighters with light arms to destroy houses to rubble! So who did this on Oct 7/8, 2023 ?

Israel has never explained how Palestinian fighters who crossed from Gaza on 7 October could have caused mass destruction to Israeli homes, as seen here in Kibbutz Be’eri, with their light weapons. There’s mounting evidence that heavy, indiscriminate fire by Israeli forces killed Palestinians and Israeli civilians alike. Ziv Koren Polaris

On October 7, 2023 atrocities against civilian Israelis happened and everyone, every Palestinian will be judged in the Higher Court of Justice, just as everyone from the Zionist settler regime will be judged accordingly. This judgement may involve punishment or forgiveness, and this is God’s affair, not ours.

3. Responsibility

However, no whitewashing can distract from the fact that the main responsibility remains with the Zionist settler regime, quote Omer Bartov:

If you keep over two million people under siege for 16 years, cramped in a narrow strip of land, without enough work, proper sanitation, food, water, energy, education, with no hope or future prospects, you cannot but expect outbreaks of ever more desperate and brutal violence.
The Hamas Attack and Israel’s War in Gaza – Council for Global Cooperation

And Jonathan Cook @Jonathan_K_Cook writes:

It was the blocking of all non-violent means for Palestinians to liberate themselves from an ever-deepening, ever more violent occupation that led to the 7 October breakout from Gaza. That prison break may have been bloody, it may have included many atrocities, but it was entirely predictable.

Chiefly responsible for it are Israel, and the western political and media class, who ignored and smeared Palestinians, human rights groups and solidarity activists, as they now smear an innocent chant “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”.

It should not be a secret to all those Isra-el loving EU-leaders including Biden, Trudeau or von der Leyen ("Israel- we stand behind you”) that according to international law genocide of a people or a group of people is a crime where no bystander – especially in government positions – is absolved from such crimes against humanity.

Regarding what really happened that day: we have by now ‐ over 1 month later – much evidence to be able to seriously question the version provided by the Zionist settler regime.

They struggled hard to poster these horrific killing events as their justification for the massacres and the genocide that they brought / still bringing on 10s of 1000s of innocent Palestinian civilians.

And they also – for everyine to hear and see – their intent on genocide.

The crucial point here is that Hamas did not kill all those people. We don’t know the sum total of Israeli civilians (Isr. said 1400, then 1200, then… )

We don’t know how many Israeli civilians of those killed, but

What we do know is that many Israeli civilians were killed by their own Isra-el army including Hamas fighters in irresponsible crossfire, by tank shell shot into the Kibbutz houses or by the machine guns from their US-provided Apache helicopters, [fn Apache]

[fn Apache]: in true colonialist speak, you don’t only destroy a people in this historic case the Apache tribe, who btw were the terrorists of the day, you then use their name for your useless warmachines, the helicopter, thereby trying to completely erasing them.

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