Examples of Fake Isra-l Propaganda

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1a. Usage of photos from elsewhere and lying about its origin

[ □ comment: this is not the first time, we see this all the time!]

The Israeli govt has published a new FAKE photo purporting to show a victim of rape by Hamas militants at the Nova music festival on October 7

The image predates 10/7 and likely shows a female Kurdish fighter killed in action whose corpse was defiled. They are described on a Japanese website as “beautiful Kurdish soldiers killed on the battlefield.” The post is dated from May 2023.

Here’s the Japanese site where the original image can be seen: https://carro-groce.com/guro-gazou/32487.html [□ comment: not able to access the site.]

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has published the fake photo here: URL

Below is the original photo beside the one just published on Israel’s “Hamas Massacre” site and presented to highly suggestible foreign journalists. (I concealed part of the deceased person’s exposed lower torso on the latter image).

Source: Max Blumenthal @MaxBlumenthal, Nov 15, 2023, 1.1M Views

Here’s a tweet from March 2022 containing the image the Israeli govt has put forward as fake evidence that Hamas militants raped female attendees of the Nova music festival in October 7 2023. @MaxBlumenthal
This Post violated the X Rules. [It has been taken down.]
The Israeli foreign ministry has now deleted the pics. They are just pushing out pure propaganda and it is being eaten up by a lot of westerners. @Geopoliticminds

1b. Follow-up


The chair of Israel’s “Hamas rape” commission, Cochav Elkayam Levy, has delivered a highly revealing response to me.

After I exposed her for promoting a 2022 photo of dead Kurdish fighters as women raped by Hamas on Oct 7, she did not bother to refute me, nor did she explain her… @MaxBlumenthal, Dec 06

Using fake images to prove rape on Oct 7


It takes more effort and time to disprove their lies than for them to come up with another. By the time it becomes common knowledge that they lied about the rapes, 10 new lies will be in circulation. Remember the 40 beheaded babies? How many lies ago was that? @Hamza_Lindsay7, Dec 6

Time and time again we have stated previously that the Israeli government cannot be trusted. All statements from Israel must be re-verified thrice from independent sources to confirm their accuracy and reliability. @raza_muneer1, Dec 7

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