Another Massacre by Isra-l Ethnic Cleansing Forces

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Where to begin?

When will it end?

Destroying Hamas was an Isra-l lie,
the intention is ethnic cleansing and genocide.


If you – and especially the international leaders, heads of governments – know that a party is going to commit a war crime, and this forcible transfer of people is a precise breach of one of the statutes that governs international law and all states in this area, then you are making yourself complicit. And as international law has developed in this area, your fact of being complicit makes you equally guilty to the party carrying out the crime.
Intention to prosecute UK government officials for their approach to the Israel-Hamas conflict

They killed people point-blank range who had found shelter in school.



I have no words

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”How can anybody still believe that they are only just defending themselves?” @gradstudentlife_

Israeli soldiers executed.
Palestinian women, children, and babies in a school in northern Gaza.
publ 2023-12-14



No, but actually. How can anybody still believe that they are only just defending themselves? 😳🇵🇸♥️

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